It all began when I was a child.

I remember the festive Sundays when I used to run around my grandma’s kitchen – I can still smell the aroma of her dishes. The passion started there, and continues today, manifesting in bursts within the creativity of the dishes I create.

I come from Tuscany, where at 15 I started working in a local trattoria. My first real work experience came from the prominent Breschi family and I worked for them for two years. I then left Italy for France, I worked in Paris for a while, assisted incredible chefs and got to know the old traditional bistros, a new world where everything was as written in the books and it was such an enriching journey.

Spain was next, I decided to move to Formentera, a small island in the Mediterranean, with a family I met in France. I helped them create a concept for a new restaurant, but after a year I headed back to Tuscany, I needed something of my own.

We opened a small restaurant by the sea, I was lucky that at only 23,  the owners trusted me with the kitchen. The atmosphere was magical, I was very passionate about my job and after a few months we became a landmark establishment on the coast.

Time to change again, and back to the South of France, this time I moved to Luberon in Provence. I met one of the most powerful French female Chefs, who changed my approach to cooking. We started working with biological products fresh from our garden; the techniques and the quality of our cuisine broadened my vision of cooking and allowed me to really put my heart into it.

Spain called again and I was ready for a new adventure.  The Roca Brothers were opening their first restaurant in Barcelona and I joined them and focused on learning more techniques, after all, it is all about techniques. After a few months Sergi Arola, whom I considered to be a revolutionary of the Spanish cuisine asked me to be his second.  I stayed with Sergi for 8 years, he allowed me to grow as a chef as much as a person, and paved my way to the world by giving me the possibility to take care of his projects all over Europe and abroad.

And here I am, today, passionate, dedicated and finally a gourmet. In my opinion today, to be a great Chef one needs the perfect combination of creativity, constancy and technique, all tied back to simplicity.

Growing up in the countryside I learned the pillar of cooking is the product, when it’s fresh and seasonal, I need no more to create a dish. I’m a fan of the rule of the three elements, enough for me to manage to combine the techniques I learned all over the world. I define my cuisine as fun, mainly composed of vegetables, recalling the flavours of the rustic table in the middle of the countryside fields.

After all these years of experience, I continue to create new dishes, inspired by creativity. My culinary concept is based on the selection of seasonal products and on the quality of the raw materials. I do my best to understand the message my client wants to pass on to his audience, always sticking to the budget.

Problem-solving is a strength when I’m brought into a new project, being able to identify issues and being organized and effective to find a solution, training professionals to deliver the highest standard to the clientele.

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