Hospitality consulting London

Hospitality consulting London

Hospitality consulting London

Concept and Menu Development

Design of an outlet theme that reaches all corners of the guest experience.  Food and beverage menus are crafted to complement one another through studied product selection that ranges from locally sourced staples to prestigious imports.   The targeted customer base is lured by innovative offerings supported by professionally trained staff.

Pre-Opening and Launch

Guided collaboration in the pre-opening and launch phases of new establishments.  Starting from the concept design and working through the steps leading up to opening day.  Vendors are evaluated prior to selection, products and tools chosen, the menu is crafted after a meticulous analysis of market positioning and pricing strategy.  Thorough staff training, brand standards and inspection support.  Post opening support for continued product evolution and revenue analysis.

Training & Masterclasses

Comprehensively designed programs incorporating service, product knowledge, techniques and standards.

Staff development that meets the needs of the organization and the employee while maximizing staffing decisions.  Understand the roles that HR, managers and employees play within the hiring and training program.

Variety of masterclasses deliverable on-site.

Vendor & Equipment Management

Guidance related to managing contracts, performance, relationships, and risks of vendors within and supported by food and beverage that are critical to the organization’s business operations and success. This may include vendors delivering products, glassware, equipment, and software services and solutions.

Advising in equipment design, selection, placement and maintenance essential to the operation of the outlet.

Hospitality consulting London


End to end development of customized menus and cuisine programs.  Ingredient sourcing, tool selection, kitchen design and budget analysis are among the key areas of focus. Creative aspects are incorporated into the cuisine concept, with ideas ranging from street food kiosks to five-star luxury, making the offering engaging for both client and team.  Front and back of house staff is meticulously trained to ensure a full understanding of the menu, complementary beverage offerings and the overall client experience through the products offered.


Creation of handcrafted wine program designed to complement the venue, menu and cocktail offering with interesting references and tones. Offer refreshments are tailored to take advantage of an already existing brand to boost revenue and turnover.

Guidance on glassware selection, decanters, tools, service etiquette, as well as tailored cellar consultancy.

Staff training aimed at building strong, lasting, personalized relationships with customers to enable strong sales and exceed guest experience expectations.

Operational Design

Design construction and installation of bespoke environments that promote efficient and dynamic execution.   Spaces are analyzed and planned for cuisine, bar, dining, storage and service to ensure all angles are optimized, while contributing to the overall design, feel and ambiance of the outlet with the least amount of disruptive impact. Meticulous planning of layout, electrical, water, gas and ventilation ensure optimal service levels and regulation compliance.

Quality Standards

Field examinations and inspections to identify the elements that impact the brand. Evaluation and analysis of collected data to provide quantifiable insights to help enhance brand standards, improve operational quality, and reduce the risk to the reputation.

Mystery shopping services help obtain consistent and objective feedback on service delivery, product, service and more. Our team-leading practices from our brand inspection experts focus on the specific needs and questions, enhance quality and consistency, deliver targeted feedback, and drive performance improvement.

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Hospitality consulting London
Hospitality consulting London


Daniele has always had a flair for creativity and discovery when it comes to the exclusive on goings behind the scenes of great bars and restaurants.  One of his earliest memories is collecting fresh berries in the fields behind his house in Sardinia and  creating juices and potions  to share with his family.  He was nine, and hasn’t stopped since.

1995 brought his first official roles in hospitality close to home, working in local bars and restaurants, learning as much as possible from the skilled professionals he observed daily.  Surrounded by coffees, wines and cocktails, Daniele knew this is what he yearned to do in the long run and absorbed every drop of it.

Soon thereafter he launched his career by working in high end resorts and restaurants in England, Greece and Spain.  His extensive acumen includes roles directing outlet launches and concept development for luxury brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, Jumeirah, The Mandarin Oriental, Starwood and Soho House,  in Europe, the Middle East, the US and Asia by overseeing the design, menu creation and openings.

With over 20 years’ experience, including a specialty in bar and beverage operations, collaborations with executive chefs and restaurateurs, Daniele has created a portfolio of spectacular projects with unparalleled results.